Илья Галуза
  • Born in
  • Defender
  • Games: 29
  • Goals: 12
  • Assisted: 0
  • Cards: 3/0
Participantion in competitions:
IFC 5x510/06/2018ФК Хмель20010
Чемпионат города 11x11 06/04/2018Детскосельский31000
IFC 8x805/28/2018ФК Хмель40000
IFC 8x805/28/2018ФК Хмель30010
IFC 5x510/06/2017ФК Хмель44000
IFC 5x510/06/2017ФК Хмель23000
IFC 8x805/27/2017ФК Хмель10000
IFC 8x805/27/2017ФК Хмель10000
IFC 5x509/28/2016ФК Хмель40010
IFC 5x509/28/2016ФК Хмель00000
IFC 8x805/28/2016Winterfell11000
IFC 5x508/31/2015ФК Хмель31000
IFC 8x806/08/2015Winterfell12000
List of games:
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